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We are phasing out this website and will disable it on Dec 31, 2016.  All issues have now been moved to www.naturalinquirer.org. If you have ordered from us in the past, we ask that you go to the new website and create a new account for future orders.  Thank you! 

Welcome to the Investi-gator

Welcome! This is the home of the Investi-gator, a FREE science journal designed for grades 4-8.

Animals and Ecosystems of the Southwestern United States is now available in hard copy and electronically. Click here to order your free copies today!

In this edition, you will learn many interesting facts about the Southwestern United States. In Thats a Humdinger! you will discover what happens to hummingbird nesting  following different kinds of forest-related treatments. In By the Light of the Silvery Minnow, you will find out whether a small minnow can learn to find natural foods. Without success, this minnow population might one day disappear. You will learn how climate change might affect 30 different animal species in the article entitled, "Wild Ways." Some of these species are already in danger of extinction.

The Southwestern United States is a special place. This Investi-gator will introduce you to a lot of fun facts about animals, plants, and people living in the American Southwest.

Download the "Everyone Makes Mistakes" Lesson Plan that goes with the Animals and Ecosystems of the Southwest United States Investi-gator to address a mistake made in the text of this edition.

Thank you,

The Investi-gator staff

The article "There's Snow Place Like Home" in the Pacific Northwest Climate Change edition asks "What is the largest weasel in the water?" Click on these links to find out! http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/mammals/giant-river-otter/ or http://www.nhc.ed.ac.uk/index.php?page=493.172.292

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